Barnes & Noble is after my retirement, ya’ll


Posted on : 11-Jan-2011 | By : Amber | In : Rambling rambles, Reading, zombies

Seriously. I’m not joking.

I got a nookColor for Christmas, which is one of the best things an addicted avid reader like myself can get. The thing is, I’m beginning to think a crack habit would be easier to support, because I read really quickly, and then I’m all “I’m out of stuff to read”, and my nook is all “It’s ok, just hit the shop icon and you can buy something else to read without even getting out of your chair, and you get to read it instantly”, and then I’m all “Well, ok, just one more time”, and the next thing I know Patrick is glaring at me and asking me if I know how much money I’ve spent at Barnes & Noble.

Um, no, I don’t, because it’s like crack, and you don’t keep receipts from your dealer. If your dealer even gives receipts, which they probably don’t, but since B&N is a really classy dealer, they do, but they email it to me, so I just delete it because, really, who wants to be constantly reminded of their crack book habit?

A nook should come with a medical or financial warning label. And maybe a referral to a couples counselor. Or financial planner.

Oh – yes, I did buy a book – ok, 3 books – that had zombies in them, but really, the zombies weren’t the whole raison d’etre for the books existance, and see, I’m using French, so I’m becoming more literate with every dollar I spend book I read.

And you should all go read Boneshaker, by Cherie Priest, even if you’re not into zombies, or steampunk, because everyone should be into good writing and great storytelling. I loaned it to my man, who has yet to read it.