Rabid Mustelidae need not apply


Posted on : 08-May-2012 | By : Amber | In : Dogs, Rambling rambles

Yeah, I know, month or so gone by, blah de blah. Life, yanno??


I have lots to talk about, but only a little bit is interesting. I’m going to talk about THIS instead.



Yes sir, ladies and gentlemen, a CAR AND DOG WASH. I was driving through Hampton Roads and I saw this. There was boggling in my mind, I’m not gonna lie. Did I need a convertible to do the dog wash? How did this work? I’m used to seeing weirdness around here, now – like Scooter Man, who rides his scooter wearing a WWI leather flight cap, goggles, leather jacket and NOTHING ELSE. But this?

I came home, and researched, and y’all, this is a THING. Apparently the latest thing to add to your self-serve car wash business. So, in the interests of dog and car owners everywhere, I had to try it. Don’t judge.

It totally rocked my socks! SERIOUSLY! Clean, easy to use, climate controlled, and I washed and dried Archer the Wonder Dog and Stormageddon, Dark Lady of All in less than 45 minutes, for less than $20!! Considering that Archer is a double-coated Aussie, I’d have been happy to do that for him alone, but I got them both done with oatmeal treatment shampoo (tearless, no less), conditioner, dryer and doggy cologne.

Archer is really, really not impressed. I, however, was.


Oh, yeah. We’ll be back. I might even wash my car.