Watch Out, or You’ll End Up in My Novel – or, Telling Lies for Fun and Profit.


Posted on : 25-May-2015 | By : Amber | In : writing for moolah



I watch people. It’s true – I don’t necessarily LIKE them a lot, but I watch them. In person, online, on television. And sure shooting, they’ve ended up in my novel. And my blog.

I’ve written a ton of non-fiction in my time, because that’s what I got paid for. Ever read a blog post on choosing an RV refrigerator? I probably wrote that. How about the history of cufflinks? I probably wrote that, too. I wrote a lot of boring, boring stuff. Really boring. Like – falling asleep over my keyboard after a pot of coffee boring.

Seriously. It was hard, ya’ll. You don’t even know.

But I switched the focus to fiction, even though it pays less (as in nada till I get it sold), and I’m a lot happier. And more awake. And I’m finding that the people watching I do is paying off in terms of fodder for the keyboard. Sad for you if you were one of them, but chances are you don’t know me or read this, so it’s probably cool.

Surprisingly in this day and time, my own life is fairly devoid of drama. I like it like that. I get up, I throw words at paper, I school my kiddo, I pick up heavy things and put them down, and at night, I get to curl up next to the Big Guy. He occasionally kicks and snores, but I love him so much I just don’t care. And he’s really warm. I think I’ll keep him. The thing is, when your life is devoid of drama, you get a nice, clear view of all the drama AROUND you, and then your writer brain kicks in if you’re a writer, and boom. And since I do this blogging thing basically to keep my gears lubricated, there you go.

The funny stuff you read, yeah, that happened. ‘Cause I’m not good at writing funny stuff and I can’t make that crap up to save my life. My political statements, and posts on things like Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day? You should take those seriously, because I can do serious if I try really hard and fortify myself with chocolate. The rest of it? I’ve got notes on drama that would keep me writing till mid-2087. Ya’ll need Jesus. I’m not even joking.

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