You just can’t fix stupid


Posted on : 10-Sep-2010 | By : Amber | In : general complaining, homeschooling, Teenagers

I’m generally a fairly easy-going person. Shut up, I am. A bit. Anyway, as I was going to pick up my neighbor’s little girl from school yesterday, I got a big ole’ dose of stupid shoved right down my throat, and I’m gonna share.

The bus from the high school had dropped it’s load of delinquents students off at the end of the block. They’re walking down the street, in the middle of the street, and a minivan is behind them. Do they move to the side, like, oh, I don’t know, people with a few brain cells to rub together? Nope; I watch them continue down the street, with the minivan behind them, until the driver realized that yes, they were obviously brain donors, and pulled out around them.

What the…

What a group of no manners, no account, no freakin’ BRAIN mouth-breathers! I mean – come on, dude. Move out of the bleedin’ street, because if you knew how much damage that minvan would suffer if the driver were someone like ME and ran your sorry behind down – i.e. NONE AT ALL – you might think about firing a synapse or two and GETTING OUT OF THE WAY!!

Before you tell me that they’re not stupid, they’re just ill-mannered, let me remind you that by the time you reach high school, if you haven’t figured out that walking down the middle of a busy street is BAD, you’re just plain dumb. The kind of dumb that wears two pairs of boxers and its jeans around its thighs and thinks that standing on a hill during a lightning storm while wearing plate armor would be a good idea.

Is there a reason for this??

Pull up your pants and get out of the street. You’re lowering the IQ of the rest of the neighborhood.

Yet another reason why I homeschool. I don’t want this sort of attitude rubbing off on my kids. The idiot’s attitude, not my attitude, because my attitude rocks.


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I’ve no idea why they insist on doing that. Probably just to piss us off. I’ve been dangerously close to ACTUALLY running one down, just because he was pissing me off.

Sadly, there are some adults who have the same sense of road-entitlement.

Tell me about it.

I need to write about the time my husband took off after some of the @#$%^ idiots with a golf club in his hand.

My hubby is 6’4″ and 210 lbs. I think the idiots in question might have soiled themselves, but their pants were too low to catch it all.

I homeschool too! There are many reasons we decided that we didn’t want our children in the ‘general population’ and being around stupid people ranks right up there in the top 5!
And BTW your attitude does rock!