Halloween Turns Us Into Pervs and Other Things…


Posted on : 06-Nov-2010 | By : Amber | In : miscellaneous garbage

My friend and I were doing the candy thing on Halloween, because she’s made of win like that, and I noticed that Halloween turns us into total pervs, offering candy to strange children with the blessing of their parents. I should be more surprised than I am.

“Hey, I’ve got candy, too! Come over here!” Yeah, that’s not pervvy at all.

I might also mention that this was just days after my friend spent a week in Hades being a bone marrow donor for a complete stranger. Did I mention that she’s made of win??

If this were a political blog, I could go into a big, long discourse about the recent election, but it’s not, so I won’t. Don’t judge me.

On a personal front, I’ve decided that I’m hooked on the new Hawaii Five-0 reboot, which I’m renaming “ManPain with Pineapple”, which if you’ve watched it you’ll understand, and if you haven’t this isn’t making much sense, but I’m finding it difficult to worry about you because you obviously have poor viewing habits.

I might post pictures of my kids in their costumes, but I might not. Trust me when I say they were adorable.

Thankfully, Brianna’s boyfriend and her friend’s boyfriend did trick-or-treat escort duty. Otherwise, I might have insisted on firearms. And wooden stakes.

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Wow – I’m epic?? That’s definitely better than “marginally ok if you’re really bored”, which is what I usually get. Thanks. 🙂

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